Model no.:AT111

ARROW TRUGGY 2WD , it is a 1:6 ratio, gear-driven 2WD, off-road truggy racing car powered by a horizontal gasoline engine. The entire body is of CNC machined aluminum alloy with a sturdy chassis main-beam, extensively hollowed to lighten the weight.

The engine layout is horizontal with a 15-degree inclination, giving it a low center of gravity. The gearn-driven, rear-wheel-drive, off-road truggy racing car gives a sensational combination of ultimate speed, lightweight body and handling stability.

● Engine disposition:Lies low postpositioned
● Drive type:Drive type
● Brake system:brake system
● Length:620mm
● Width:455mm
● Height:310mm
● Wheelbase:480mm
● Front wheel gauge:330mm
● Trailing wheel gauge:340mm
● Ground clearance:5-70mm
● Gross weight:8.8kg
● Tire size:85/170mm
● Gas Engine:ZENOAH-CY23c.c. 26c.c. 27c.c. 29c.c.
● Server-swing:23kg-cm,swing 8kg-cm
● Carton size:L810*W480*H400

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Please give the performance in a professional and safe environment; please also mind the safety of spectators.
The product is suitable for use by persons over 16 years of age. Beginners shall have a professional at their side to give instructions.
The illustrations are test models; actual delivery may vary according to the order content. No further notice will be given in case of alteration of accessories.



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