About us

About Yeh-Guan
Engaged in plastic injection for many years, Yeh-Guan is fully capable of R&D and design, molding and production of plastic injection products. We take OEM orders based on the philosophy of Sincerity and Honesty to create mutually beneficial situations. We offer free consultations on development of plastic products.

In the future, we shall endeavor to enhance the quality of our products and services with brilliant innovations based on the spirit of Precision, Exactness and Mutual Trust to achieve a more preferable price structure.

About the Designer´╝ÜKim
All Design by Kim.
In childhood
A remote-control car was a fantasy with a fancy price tag, A dream that a little boy could only have come up with by gazing through a showcase glass, Imagining how it would have run in the reality.
The boy had even not dared to push open that glass door of the store.

After many years, the little boy had grown into a young man.

With accumulated savings, combined with learning, work experience, people and other matters that he had encountered in those years, He created his dreamland ride, over the course of quite a few years(2006-2011).

It had been a solitary and lonely process with lots of pain, mockery, poverty, unwillingness and uncertainty in it; Thanks must be given to family and friends who stood by the young man when his passion had almost dissipated and encouraged him to push open that glass door after so many years.

That little boy was me.
I hope that my design offers a release from pressure for people who live a busy life, and that it will give their hearts a wild run, even if just momentarily, of joy, laughter, happiness, and fond memories.
Please do not hesitate to give me your comments and suggestions.